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The Trippas White Group has been using Belvoir for many years as their source of point-of-sale software. The Trippas White Group is one of Australia's leading restaurant and catering companies, managing a diverse portfolio of iconic venues and providing catering services to a host of well-known and respected organisations.

Belvoir provided a software solution that manages their data both locally at each venue's location and centrally in a remote database. The Belvoir system provides POS, Reservations, Inventory Management, Integrated Eftpos and an Accounting interface to the Sun system.




Sundown Pastoral Company utilise Belvoir’s Livestock software to manage their annual turnover of 40,000 head of cattle. Sundown is a collective of five expansive, livestock backgrounding and feedlot properties. Each of their animals that visit a crush, at any of their properties, has various information recorded about it, such as its: RFID/NLIS number, management tag, weight, the tasks performed to the animal (drenches/vaccines), the animals’ condition and also how the animal was drafted. All of Sundowns’ properties use fully automated crush equipment which is driven by Belvoir Software. Sundown also use Belvoir’s custom built trailers to take the system to remote locations where there is no power supply available.




Wagga Wagga City Council’s saleyard processing is controlled by Belvoir’s Livestock and Accounting software. The system handles approximately 130 thousand cattle and 2 million sheep annually through the yards. The system is comprehensive, controlling animals scanned at delivery, weighing, ring selling, and Buyer bulk-billing. Belvoir’s system controls the Agent processing, their vendors and the buyers. The system is LPA compliant with NVD scanning, input, and NLIS reporting. Wagga saleyards use Belvoir’s intuitive touch-based processing for cattle. The touch systems control drafting with the cattle delivery, weighing and ring selling. Wagga also uses the office-based environment for the control of sheep sales.

The Belvoir system is used in both large and small saleyards. Western Downs Regional Council at Dalby Saleyards and Northern Victoria Livestock Exchange are both major processing centers, each processing 20 thousand cattle a month through the system.

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