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The Belvoir POS system is the complete Point of Sale solution for you business. The system is currently used by many Pubs, Restaurants and Cafes across Australia. The Belvoir POS system is intuitive, easy to use and your staff will quickly learn how to use the system.

It is scalable from a single terminal up to many terminals in the one location. If you are a large business with more then one venue, the Belvoir system contains a data management feature which transfers data to many venues connected with virtual private networks (VPNs) allowing central data management.

The POS system is highly configurable. Menus can be programmed easily using a number of techniques, allowing you to customise the screen to best suit your business requirements.The system has two configurable selling methods, table service and counter operations.The table service configuration is ideal for restaurants with table service allowing guests to be seated at tables, items ordered, and the check settled later in the night. The counter service mode is designed for counter operations such as selling drinks at a bar, where items are ordered and payed for instantly.

The system is designed with an easy to use touch interface for sale processing but items may also be scanned with a barcode scanner.

The POS system is fully integrated with Belvoir's other software allowing you the option of Inventory Management, Reservations, Customer Relations, Loyalty and Accounting. If you are a Motel, Hotel or similar property owner then the Belvoir POS system fully integrates into the Satin Software Front Office System, allowing guests to charge meals to their rooms, and for staff to see quests portfolios from the Belvoir system. A Sun Accounting interface has also been developed for those business choosing to use the powerful Sun Accounting package. The interface creates simple easy to handle daily journal batches easily uploaded into the Sun Accounting Package.



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