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The Saleyard System is an integrated system that is used in saleyards and offices for the processing and accounting of livestock. The Saleyard System (like all Belvoir systems) may be tailored to suit your requirements. The system is built as a set of components which are selected and customised by selecting options in the system setup. We understand that Saleyards have differing requirements and this is why Belvoir is a stand-out with user-defined sale types, sale phases and reporting.

Key Features

  • Highly Configurable.
  • Customised specifically for your saleyard.
  • Improves efficiency.
  • Keyboard and user-friendly task-orientated touch screen input.
  • Full NLIS compliance.
  • Interactive and Intuitive.
  • Bulk billing.
  • Over 80 specialised reports.
  • Compatible with all major brands of RFID readers and scales.
  • Easily email sale information to Vendors, Purchasers and Agents.


Vendor booking by Agent allows saleyards to enter no. head without the need to enter NVD details. Arrivals allow you to record the animals as they arrive, allocating number of head to NVD Drafting with or without RFID reading on arrival. This allows an agent to arrive the animals into temporary pens (reading the RFIDs) as they come into the yards and then move them into various selling pens allocated to the agent ready for the sale the next day. Office pre-sale - Keyboard entry function that allows lots to be entered into the system from a sale book. This can be done with various functions and can be set up to read RFIDS and weigh the animals.

NVD Entry and Scanning - Bulk scan NVDs and attach to sales invoices or email direct to purchaser

  • Fast vendor lookup by code, name or PIC.
  • Add new vendor or change vendor details whilst entering the NVD.
  • Auto-allocate feature for quick allocation of head to NVDs.
  • Multi-PIC feature allows vendors can have more than one PIC.



Office selling - allows the yard to build the lots, entering the full details of the transaction as well as weigh and read RFIDs in one function. It can also be used just to enter price and buyer after the animals have been sold.


Other sale processes include -

  • Lot building - build lots as they will be sold, split and sell lots on-the-fly.
  • Pen selling – Enter information by keyboard or using a handheld tablet. (catwalk)
  • Ring selling - Allows for entering buyer and price details while selling in a ring environment.
  • Weighing – pre-sale, post-sale and mid sale.



  • Touch screen functionality, incorporating new tablet technology.
  • Large colour-coded buttons for easy data entry
  • Build lots in the yard, link to vendors and agents
  • Day/Night operation modes
  • Enter/change price on the fly
  • Bid increment buttons to aid price entry
  • Split lots
  • Find lots
  • Build new lots
  • Add price, purchaser, way & comment


NLIS Processing

The Belvoir system is fully NLIS compliant.

The system performs the following NLIS queries and commands:

  • ERP Enquires
  • Beast Enquires
  • Saleyard Ins
  • Saleyard Outs
  • Mob Based Movements
  • Deceased Animals
  • Retagging
  • Rollbacks

The Belvoir NLIS system has been developed to be quick and reliable. The XML transmission size has been optimised for the quickest processing on the MLA database.

The system will perform the following tasks:

  • Beast enquiry completed within 2 minutes of any RFID tag being loaded into the software. This returns the NLIS identification corresponding to the RFID number that has been scanned.
  • PIC residue status will be confirmed within 2 Minutes of the NVD being entered.
  • The software will process all saleyard INs for tags that have been checked and associated with an NVD (Take possession)
  • The Belvoir software will send images of all NVDs.
  • Process all saleyard OUT (Transfer) for tags matched to purchaser PICs, where the tags have been associated with an NVD.

The software will check and display the following items when required

  • The status of all tags in the system
  • The status and content of transmissions to the NLIS
  • The status of NVD processing.
  • The status and results of transfers in or out or both.

Rollbacks - If changes have been made to NVDs, vendors or purchasers after transfers have been made the Belvoir system will process roll backs as necessary and reprocess the required NLIS transfers.

The sale process step ensures all NLIS requirements have been completed.

Easy Data Access

Lot Listing - The lot tab quickly displays the status of each lot in the sale, whether it still requires a purchaser and price to be added, whether the lot was passed in, or if it is complete.


Lot Validation – List incomplete lots, unbalanced lot RFIDs and NVD Head Allocations. Open lots to easily investigate the cause, or use the auto-allocate feature and let the program do the hard work.

RFID processing - The RFID tab displays the saleyard in and out results, the whole of life and EU status. As each RFID is read and associated with a NVD lifetime and EU checks are done. Saleyard ‘Ins’ to take possession of the animals can be done any time after the RFID has been linked to an NVD. Both Saleyard ‘Ins’ and ‘Outs’ are done automatically when you process the sale if they haven’t been carried out prior to this.


Post Sale Processing

Belvoir offer a single button procedure to process the sale upon completion of weighing.

This is a scheduled process that will complete the following:

  • Check all data is complete
  • Clear any NLIS processing not completed
  • Send all reports to agents according to the Agents requirements
  • Send all reports to purchaser as pre-scheduled

All vendor information is handled by agents. The agents can collect or email their information under their control in the agent’s offices.

Bulk Billing – This function can be implemented for yards wishing to bulk bill to send out bulk invoices to meat buyers marked as ‘Bulk Purchasers’.

Belvoir produce some 80 different reports that management and agents can access according to system security privileges. These can be displayed on the screen, printed, emailed or faxed.

Examples of some of the reports available

info complete

Way Bill

Vendor Info

Post Sale Summary

Rollbacks – Sales can be opened to enable corrections to be entered and a rollback is performed with a click. On re-processing the Saleyard Ins and Outs are performed automatically.

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