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The Belvoir Agency system is the complete solution for your business. The Accounting module integrates seamlessly with the Livestock module. It is intuitive, easy to use and your staff will quickly learn how to use the system.

Belvoir constantly strives to improve and enhance these programs, providing users with Newsletters and Masterclass documents to help get the most out of the system.

Livestock System

Define every charge

You get to define how each charge behaves, including important things like GST, who gets charged, cost centre or client account, restrictions – the list goes on. Each charge lists every sale type where it is used for easy management.

Detailed Lot History

Every change made to a lot is logged and you can view this history anytime. This gives you peace of mind, knowing your audit trail is clear, concise and always at your fingertips.

Many staff members can be using the system simultaneously with no loss of speed. You can even take it with you on your laptop or tablet and sync back at the office.

Multi PIC

Belvoir caters for clients with more than one PIC, allowing entry of multiple PICs per client record and easy selection of correct PICs in NVDs and lots.


Many staff members can be using the system simultaneously with no loss of speed. You can even take it with you on your laptop or tablet and sync back at the office.


There is no need to exit a sale to perform another task such as look-up a client’s account balance, reprint an invoice from another sale or define a new Extra Charge. Belvoir is truly multi-tasking, allowing the user to open tasks in new windows as required and click between them.

Data Security

Secure your data by allocating your staff a profile that defines and can limit the functions they have access to.

Address Book

The innovative address book is always accessible, no matter how many tasks you are juggling. And you can edit as well as view, anytime. All your contacts are stored in one location making it a breeze to manage your clients.

NLIS Compliance

All NLIS functions actioned in Livestock sales fully comply with NLIS requirements and guidelines.

Complex becomes Easy

Livestock transactions are often complex but Belvoir teases out the knots for you, letting you get on with what you want to be doing – selling livestock and growing your business.

One screen gives you access to all the tools and information you need to enter and process a livestock sale. Right-click drop-menus give quick access to functions, allowing speed of data entry and sale processing.

Lot Entry

  • Lot entry is fast or import data files direct from the Saleyards.
  • Splitting lots is a fast and simple process.
  • Access and change vendor, purchaser and agent details from within a sale.
  • Enter NVDs & scan document for emailing to purchasers.
  • Change vendor commission rates and rebate agents/rates on a sale by sale basis.
  • Change system charges and document comments on a sale by sale basis.
  • Add extra charges to vendors and purchasers in the sale.
  • Manage Purchaser ways with option to print way totals on invoices.
  • Action NLIS online processing, including Lifetime & EU checks, Mob-based and Paddock-to-paddock movements.
  • Perform NLIS rollbacks from within the sale, if required.
  • Preview Sale Documents before processing or printing/transmitting by fax or email.
  • Process skins in the same sale as the beasts.
  • In stud sales, highlight the lots for inclusion in sale advertising.
  • In auction sales, the Add Bidder interface provides the user quick entry of all bidder information including the bidder’s Rebate Agent, linking to Address Book records via an innovative search function.

Sale Control

  • One-click processing that creates all accounting journals automatically.
  • View a list of journals created by the sale.
  • Easily re-open a processed sale for editing then re-process with a click.


Nvd Entry

Enter NVD information

  • Fast vendor lookup by code, name or PIC
  • Add new vendor whilst entering the NVD
  • Scan the actual document and attach to sales invoices or email direct to purchaser
  • Auto-allocate feature for quick allocation of lots to NVDs
  • Multi-PIC feature allows vendors can have more than one PIC
  • One staff member can be entering and scanning NVDs whilst others are entering lot information

Simple NVD Entry

Changes are often required after a sale has been processed. In Belvoir livestock sales can be opened for update, changes made and the sale reprocessed quickly and without fuss.

When processed sales are open for update you can –

Special Features

  • Add, change or split lots.
  • Change a vendor or purchaser in one process.
  • Change Sale Date and/or Description.
  • Add or change extra charges.
  • Add or change sale charges and comments.
  • Perform NLIS rollbacks.


When updating a sale, only journals that have changed are reversed and re-processed. Processed sales can be opened for update without being affected by changes made to charges since the original processing date.

Behind the Scenes

Sale Types

Sale Types allow you to group sales with similar charges, lot entry fields and reporting requirements for easy management and entry. They act as a template - sale type charges and comments being changeable on a sale-by-sale basis.

  • Define parameters such as pay-out and settlement due days, NLIS action and lot entry fields.
  • Define report formats and communication to print on sale documents.
  • Easily attach charges and add comments that will print on sale documents.
  • User-definable comments for Account Sales, Invoices and Transit Insurance.
  • Make changes to Sale Types without affecting processed sales.

Sale Type Maintenance



Define your own charges

  • Full control of charges and extra charges
  • Create new charges and update existing ones quickly and easily
  • Pre-defined charge types simplify entering charge parameters
  • Add limits and restrictions
  • Define GST calculations and rounding
  • Apply charges to specific clients, cost centres or Ledger classifications
  • Attach charges to Sale Types with a click
  • Clone feature to create similar charges


The many sale reports available can be previewed before the sale is processed. Choose to view, print, fax or email reports, or schedule reports to be sent to your purchasers, vendors and agents in their preferred manner. Use Windows control keys to select which reports to print or transmit.

Reports can be printed in portrait or landscape, either on your pre-printed stationary or blank paper. Reprint as many times as you need. You can even view and print reports from the client ledger in Accounting with a simple click.

Key Reports include -

  • Invoices with due date for payment.
  • Account Sales
  • Detailed Sales Summary report
  • Statistics Report
  • Purchaser and Vendor Reports

Available from the Livestock menu, there are many reports available that aid you to better manage your Livestock business. Enter dates, sale types, stock types, specific vendors/purchasers and control options to give you precise information in reports that are easy to read.

Key Reports include

  • Business Analysis Report
  • Operational Analysis
  • Vendor Listing
  • Transit Insurance
  • DPI Report

Analyse your business performance

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