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The Belvoir Animal Management System is the perfect tool for livestock producers to manage animals over one or more properties. The intuitive touch interface makes processing animals at the crush a breeze.


Simple Touch Interface

The Animal Operations screen allows you full control over an animal with the touch of your finger. You can weigh the animal, perform a task, note a condition, record the animals height, and check out the animals history.

Easy Drafting

AMS Drafting Setup

Easy to setup drafting rules, for multiple gates. Drafting can be by many factors, to name a few:

  • Weight
  • Stocktype
  • Sex
  • Condition
  • Tasks performed
  • Age
  • Withholding days
  • Many more


RFID Readers

Reading of RFIDs

Belvoir interfaces to all common brands of race readers. Belvoir offer as part of the system the ability to interface to Aleis, Boontech and any other RFID device where the interface format is available. Belvoir offer this support for all current and future devices as part of its licence.

Scanning a RFID or manually entering RFID/NLIS number will bring an animal up in the system ready to be weighed.



Compatible with most Scale Indicators

Our software accommodates for a range of different scales and weigh bars to allow for the recording of animal weights. With this data we can report back your animals weight gains between certain points in time; you can see how well an animal performed while it was in a specific paddock on a particular type of feed.


Session Detail

Sessions are a convenient way to manage animals. Each day you start processing animals a new session is started. A session allows you to view how animals were drafted, move animals into new pens, sell animals and much more.

Animal Details

Animal History

Each time your cattle go through a crush, their details are saved for you to view later on. On the Animal Details screen you can see the whole history for a beast from the moment it was brought onto your property to the time it leaves, and how well it performed between pens and paddocks.

The animals’ history also shows you what tasks were performed on the animal, which vaccines were given and when, how much of each drug was administered to the beast and also the batch number of each product. Our Animal Management system also maintains export slaughter intervals and with-holding periods of cattle; which are determined by what product was used and when it was administered.


Animal Editing

Belvoir gives you the ability to return to any moment in an animals’ life history and edit it as you see fit. If a task was performed on the beast that was not recorded at the time, you can go back in to the animals history and add it on a specific date and time as if the animal were standing right in front of you in the crush.

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